Search an experience in your memory that
is the most impressive to your life while judging that, after re-interpreting it if necessary, whether it is so. This experience might have changed your life, and you had started to live your life from the point of view based on the experience. You want to share the experience with others, and they might have a benefit hearing your experience.

1) 最(もっと)も伝(つた)えたい経験(けいけん)を2〜3文で書きなさい。Write your key experience.

2)1)の経験(けいけん)をわかりやすくするには、どの経験や出来事を述べたらい いかを考え、書く。Consider
which experiences or events that make the key experience understandable to others if they are presented, and write them down.

3)1)の経験(けいけん)に関連す るほかの経験を加え、これらの経験がどのように大切(たいせつ)であるかを書く。最後に、それに基づいて、これからどうしようとするのかを書く。You can add relevant experiences, and write how important the key experience and related experiences are. Write what to do in your life based on those or utilizing those.