I.             SV pattern of western Saga dialect


(1)  kodon            no                        nuQ.

child              Subject Marker   will sleep/sleeps

`The child will sleep.f


(2)  kodon            no                       naku.

Child             Subject Marker   will cry/crys

`The child will cry.f


(3)  agemaki        no                       oyogu.

Shell              Subject Marker   will swim/swims

`Shells will swim.f


(4)  kodon            no                       taoruQ.

Child             Subject Marker   will fall down/falls down

`The child will fall down.f


Q: the glottal stop


There is no other word order grammatical than (1) among kodon, no and nuQ. The sequences of the words (5)-(7) and (9) are not sentences.


(5)  *no                              kodon    nuQ.

Subject Marker           child      will sleep/sleeps

(6)  *no                              nuQ                    kodon .

Subject Marker           will sleep/sleeps child

(7)  *nuQ                           no                        kodon.

will sleep/sleeps         Subject Marker   child

(8)  ?nuQ                           kodon    no.

will sleep/sleeps         child      Subject Marker  

`The child that sleeps ...f

`Sleeps/will sleep, the child.f (You need a pause after /nuQ/ to receive this meaning.)

(9)  *kodon          nuQ                     no                                      .

Child             will sleep/sleeps Subject Marker


The sequence of the words (8) cannot mean `the child will sleep/sleeps.f