SVO pattern of western Saga dialect


(1)  kodon no                     jinkichi ba                                       tabuQ.

child Subject Marker *green eel goby Object Marker       will eat/eats

*a kind of fish

`The child will eat eel gobies.f


(2)  naoki no                     mizu ba                             nomu.

Child Subject Marker water Object Marker        will drink/drinks

`Naoki will drink water.f


(3)  kodon no                     eigo ba                               benkyousuQ.

Child Subject Marker English Object Marker     will study/studies

`The child will study English.f


(4)  hebi no                                     naoki ba                            bikkuisasuQ.

Snake Subject Marker              Naoki Object Marker        will surprise

`A snake will surprise Naoki.f


There is one other word order grammatical sentence except for (1) among kodon, no, jinkichi, ba and tabuQ, (5).


(5)  jinkichi ba                                 kodon no                           tabuQ.

Eel goby Object Marker           child Subject Marker        will eat/eats